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“Just over a billion years ago, many millions of galaxies from here, a pair of black holes collided. They had been circling each other for aeons, in a sort of mating dance, gathering pace with each orbit, hurtling closer and closer. By the time they were a few hundred miles apart, they were whipping around at nearly the speed of light, releasing great shudders of gravitational energy. Space and time became distorted, like water at a rolling boil. In the fraction of a second that it took for the black holes to finally merge, they radiated a hundred times more energy than all the stars in the universe combined. They formed a new black hole, sixty-two times as heavy as our sun and almost as wide across as the state of Maine. As it smoothed itself out, assuming the shape of a slightly flattened sphere, a few last quivers of energy escaped. Then space and time became silent again.”

Gravitational Waves Exist: The Inside Story of How Scientists Finally Found Them

by Nicola Twilley

a love story, a waking story, a dreaming story, a faint whooping from low to high story.

“… oppressed people only have one tool of resistance: run amok. And if I have to tell you, revolution is nothing more than a collective running amok, organized by one particular party.”

beauty is a wound by eka kurniawan


“What is the point. That is what must be borne in mind. Sometimes the point is really who wants what. Sometimes the point is what is right or kind. Sometimes the point is a momentum, a fact, a quality, a voice, an intimation, a thing said or unsaid. Sometimes it’s who’s at fault or what will happen if you do not move at once. The point changes and goes out. You cannot be forever watching for the point or you lose the simplest thing; being a major character in your own life.”

Speedboat by Renata Adler

the mystifying power of enthusiasm.
the accidental evolution of a sound.

add that backbeat.
like it very much.

Bernard Purdie for endless inspiration and for the lifting of spirits.


” you hold the first moment in time up to the light… the first moment in time, she’s moved from the present to the future. she’s changed from black and white to technicolor. she’s left you behind in a world of grayscale, wondering whether you will be able to accept more subtle tonal variations.”

from we used to be everywhere by Craig Foltz



a dry spell.
the spoils of anticipated behavior.
a season of conformity. a season lying awake.
a season of reversing winds and asymmetric heating.
asymmetric behavior and reversals.
the vagaries, and the easterlies,
the ocean that holds a different opinion.

the weather will give you ideas.
the weather will ask you to do things.
the intensity and the duration of
a tropical phenomenon.
a rainy spell.

photographs by Raghubir Singh

“the subject of fierce debate”

“some great great wound” “in the whole body”
“no one dares operate”

“the ghost of the pain”
“is the circle of wild horses”


“on which we can paint” “the feeling of return”

from the warring factions by Ammiel Alcalay