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Roy of the Ravers Emotinium from 2 Late 4 Love (slow)

“Is the morning a time of festivity?”

“Is the dress you’re wearing a garment of celebration?”

“When you escaped did the light hurt your eyes?”

“Is this music?”

“Is it too much?”

“And am I your secret vice?”

“Sometimes by moonlight and sometimes by starlight, she stared at the light where the water ran over the sand. He never came. She got out of the car and walked up and down the beach hour after hour. The water ran over the sand, one wave covering another like the knitting of threads, like the begetting of revenges, betrayals, memories, regrets. And always it made a musical, murmuring sound, a language as definite as speech. But he never came.”

from Mrs Caliban by Rachel Ingalls

screen shot from sword and sorcery (superbrothers 2011)

fully realized,
it is surely lost.
all in my head.

i have been.
let go.
relieved of.
a revelation.

what’s left?
well, everything really.

a new scent. a new shape. a new prayer. a new intoxication.

a new errand.

only you by Steve Monite

the Dogon people of Mali speak of ‘hearing’ a smell.
they believe that scent and sound are intrinsically related because both travel on air.

incendre “to burn”
spirare “to blow, breeze”
candere “to glow”

“Slowly the evening draws on its coat
Held out to it by a row of ancient trees:
You gaze: and the landscape splits in two,
One part lifting skywards, while one falls,
Leaving you not quite part of anything,
Not quite so dark as the house, the silent one,
Not quite as surely invoking the eternal,
As that which turns to star, each night, rising –

Leaving you (indescribably, to unravel)
Your anxious, immense, and ripening life:
So that, now bounded, and now grasped,
It becomes, in turn, stone in you, and star.”

Evening by Rainer Maria Rilke


Jethro Buck Little Big Bang

Jethro Buck The Night of the Glowing Sembar

“I live my life in widening circles
that reach out across the world.
I may not complete this last one
but I give myself to it.

I circle around God, around the primordial tower.
I’ve been circling for thousands of years
and I still don’t know: am I a falcon,
a storm, or a great song?”

Widening Circles by Rainer Maria Rilke

Jethro Buck Bindu

my heart open
a little red
the picture

my heart open
a little red
soft wood
how long

shinzo no tobira, mariah (Yasuaki Shimizu)

“I have walked behind the sky.

For what are you seeking?

The fathomless bliss of blue.

To be an astronaut of the void, leave the comfortable house that imprisons you with reassurance. Remember, to be going and to have are not eternal- fight the fear that engenders the beginning, middle and end.

For blue there are no boundaries or solutions.”

from Chroma by Derek Jarman

Mughal-e-Azam (1960) featuring Madhubala, song by Lata Mangeshkar

Ask: the hum of branches ringing in the body,
a nervous shimmer, change inside a frequency. Therein
a tone, blood red.
Listen quietly to the storm, until we turn away,
The pattern of the wind twisting, a theory of everything: a rush of heat to the face.

Ask: gravity, radiation, making it visible.
To accept that, is music. Notes from a meeting:
Giving. Is central.
Wanting to ask. Not answer. And the universe expands.
“We thought we could control the night.” And it continues:

From Astroecology by Johannes Heldén
in Hinduism the ringing of a bell is said to engage all the senses, stimulating the inner ear. the moment the bell rings, the mind is disengaged from thoughts and becomes more receptive.

“heroic dose: the narco-imaginary establishes a circuit, maps an ancient course. The mystique that surrounds the narco-imaginary concerns it’s mystical beginnings; intoxication names the cypher through which mere mortals correspond with the gods.”

a pleasure or a poisoning or a vision of the future.

“what happens when the immediate familiarity of the present overwhelms the ability of the subject to frame his or her experience in language? What happens when “what is” appears to be exactly like what just was. When the “new development” appears to be an exact replica of the old development, relocated? Take a simple reburial, for example, the same old bones.”

bird bones may be hollow, but they are also heavy.

“a map of desire works like discourse; it fails to account for marauders that attack from unmarked territories. To understand it’s terrain you enter; or rather, already inside, you try and find your way out.”

i rely on triangulation and telepathy.

quotes from The Narco-Imaginary by Ramsey Scott

photos by Albert Von Schrenck Notzing

“Although my mind confuses eruption for euphoria and devotion for diaspora, it clearly distinguishes today from tomorrow and yesterday from today. Or does it? Perhaps it blurs yesterday and tomorrow with the present so that life is one extended breath, minced to calendric intervals. Perhaps we are fit to perform only one duty: exhaling. Perhaps in life and in language, one can substitute one word for another word like pouring water from one glass into another. And perhaps I would like to surrogate exhaling for a more fitting dualistic jab: expiring.”

Fish in Exile by Vi Ki Nao